Calling Card

The Calling Card is a prepaid international calling card supplied by ILink Calling Cards Canada one of the most known and reputable calling card service providers in Canada and the United States..

ILink Calling Cards use MCI network to terminate international calls to all world destinations. Unbeatable MCI network quality allows ILink Calling Cards to get crystal clear connection and very competitive rates to many countries.

The Calling Card was on Canadian prepaid long distance market since 1998 and earned a very good reputation among callers to many different areas of the globe. Calling card is especially popular for calls to China, Bangladesh, Hong Cong, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.

Another popular calling cards from Link Calling Cards are Phone Visa and Euro Shades

Calling Card talk time and hidden fees

Like most other phone cards on Canadian and U.S. long distance market, Calling Card does not deliver all advertized minutes. Advertized minutes are based on a continues single call and three minute billing increment. Every day starting form the first use calling card also deducts 28¢ daily maintenance fee. However despite extra charges actual minutes delivered to customers (based on multiple calls) are very competitive and unbeatable for many overseas destinations.

Calling Card Service Provider ILinks Calling Cards regularly updates Calling Card rates to reflect market changes and constantly maintains very competitive rates to most countries. You may get more info on calling card as well as many other calling cards on Ontario Phone Cards web site.

Where to purchase Calling Card

Customers may purchase Calling card in many convenience stores, gas stations and many other retail outlets across major Canadian cities. Calling Card could also be purchased online on Ontario Phone Cards web site. Ontario Phone Cards accepts VISA, MasterCard and PayPal and provides Calling Card PIN number instantly by email right after payment transaction is completed.

Click here to get more info or purchase Calling Card online on Ontario Phone Cards.